Day 3 – Casting, Mending, and More Practice

Today we started the day off by watching an Orvis video on how to cast properly and positioning in the river. We learned about mending and casting. After that we tied some flies. Popular flies that were tied were Squirmy Worms and egg patterns.  We then went to our rooms and started packing for theContinue reading “Day 3 – Casting, Mending, and More Practice”

Day 1 – Welcome to Match the Hatch: Winterim 2020

The day started by welcoming the students to Match the Hatch: Fly Fishing the Tennessee Valley Winterim. They patiently waited as we went over Winterim expectations, and then eagerly jumped to the unboxing of the new gear. We unpacked the leaders, tippet, flies and fly box, hemostats and nippers and packed the new bags readyContinue reading “Day 1 – Welcome to Match the Hatch: Winterim 2020”