Day 7 – Fish on!

Despite Daylight Savings stealing an hour of sleep, we all made it up bright and early for breakfast, anxious to meet our guides and hit the water. Frost lined the boats as we loaded up in front of the lodge in anticipation of the first guided trip. When we arrived at the launch the water was high, and the guides set up out fishing rigs for big water. The first few hours were tough, but once the sun got over the ridge and the water warmed a few degrees, the bite picked up. We floated the first several miles down the South Holston with only the caravan of the three boats in the morning, leap frogging as guides stopped to net caught fish (or on occasional to re-rig a tangled rod!) as we glided through thick woods or broken farm land. Lunch was provided as we landed in front of the lodge, and we were able to compare and contrast the morning’s experience. Once we refueled, it was back on the water with the sun warming us nicely, and the fishing just got better. Five o’clock rolled around quickly, and it was back to the lodge for a quick shower. Jon, the lodge manager, took some time to teach us to tie the Zebra Midge and Frenchie flies, and then were fed like kings! Sleep will come easy tonight, and can’t wait for another adventure tomorrow.

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